Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry holidays

What is it about the holidays? It smells different, there is magic in the air, we are at our best. Is it the scent of the candles, food, pine trees or presents? Are we really celebrating the birth of Jesus? For everyone there will be a different answer I bet. For me it’s all about the joy that the holiday brings, the snow flakes on the trees, the xmas carols and the food that comes along with it and recently a new realization,” the happiness of my family”. I have also come to realize that no matter how bad of a day we have, there is always a sense of peace and emotional nourishment at the end of it when we have a warm cup of tea accompanied by a delicious meal. Food is certainly food to the soul. On xmas eve I had my in-laws over for dinner since it was our son’s first xmas. I made roasted duck, pot stickers and Caribbean style noodles and cupcakes for desert. Can you imagine an environment with some good food, family, healthy conversation? I couldn’t ask for any other way to spend a holiday evening. Happy holidays to everyone out there. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Busy day

Phew! Finally I am sitting down. Did I even stop to give gratitude to all the blessings around me? No. I was too busy with myself and what wasn’t going right rather than what was. Well, now that I’m relaxed and another day creeping in slowly I can reflect on all my blessings. Besides having a hectic day I came home and made dinner for two. It’s not the best dinner I’ve made but it worked for us. Tomorrow will be a better day. No shopping! Good night people.

Friday, December 18, 2009

A risky dinner

Food like life is filled with amazing surprises. Don’t you agree? The finished product is not always what we had in mind in the first place but nevertheless it’s our accomplishment and that makes it unique. The taste on the other hand is determined on our preferences. Today has been a day where I had to use my Imagination to make a dinner which I wasn’t entirely prepared for but I must say the outcome has been fantastic. My plating consisted of rice noodle with sautéed mushrooms; oyster glazed chicken thighs and spicy fish sauce. The rice noodle was a substitute for white rice so that was a risk ingredient I would say. Lets see what my critique says when he gets home. Thanks for reading!